Tourist Info “H7”

In our centrally located office in the city center, you will receive all the information you need for your stay in Bruchsal.

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Motorhome hotspot

We support the trend towards traveling by motorhome and will be offering you appropriately equipped parking spaces from spring 2022.

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Hotels, guesthouses, campsites – many possibilities to stay with us. You can find a list of accommodations here.

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Whether in a pub, restaurant, discotheque or simply a small snack from the bakery. You can find (almost) everything here.

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Around Bruchsal to explore

The area around Bruchsal is a joy for every hiker, biker and day-tripper.

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Asparagus, Wine & Distillery

From April to June, everything here revolves around the delicious asparagus from Bruchsal. Traditionally simply good!

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Adventure, leisure and sport

Hiking trails, trekking tours, swimming lakes, golf courses, mini golf, a comprehensive range awaits you

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Sights in the city and the surrounding area

History, traditions and culture await interested visitors: in and around Bruchsal.

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Experience Bruchsal

In Bruchsal, Baden, history and culture can be experienced in many ways

Located between the Rhine and the gentle Kraichgau hills, very close to Heidelberg, Speyer and Karlsruhe, history, culture and modernity meet in many ways in the asparagus town of Bruchsal.

When visiting Bruchsal, you shouldn’t miss the baroque palace with the famous staircase by Balthasar Neumann and the German Museum of Music Automatons. The stops on a stroll through the city include the baroque church of St. Peter and the Belvedere, a former prince-bishop’s pleasure and shooting house. If you want to relax after a tour of the city, just sit on one of the many benches in our parks and enjoy nature.