Bike routes in and around Bruchsal

Various bike tours lead you through varied forest and meadow landscapes, over vineyards and into the Kraichgau-Stromberg nature park. On the bike tours you always have the opportunity to visit sights or to stop off in one of the cozy inns.

The Bruchsal ring route connects the city of Bruchsal with its 5 districts Heidelsheim, Helmsheim, Obergrombach, Untergrombach and Büchenau. It leads through the beautiful Kraichgau landscape with a view of vineyards. Make your way past historical cultural sites, through romantic town centers and the unmistakable nature. The Bruchsaler Ringroute is also available as a guided bike tour with an experienced tour guide from the ADFC Bruchsal.

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The Tour de Asparagus leads along asparagus fields, dredging and bathing lakes as well as inland dunes and through the “Hardtwald”, which stretches from Karlsruhe to Schwetzingen over the Rhine plain. The tour from April to Midsummer’s Day, June 24th, is particularly attractive, because during this time you can experience the royal vegetables up close.

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The tour from April to Midsummer’s Day, June 24th, is particularly attractive, because during this time you can experience the royal vegetables up close. The airy sandy soils, together with the mild climate, provide the best conditions for the unmistakable taste of Baden asparagus. Enjoy freshly harvested asparagus, straight from the farm. Under the motto “fresh from the field to the table”, the gastronomy will spoil you with traditional asparagus dishes as well as unusual asparagus specialties.

The 108-kilometer Tour de Asparagus is not only a highlight for cyclists during asparagus season. The Rhine plain with its mild, almost Mediterranean climate offers wonderful landscapes and unique sights.

You have the choice between three round trips:
Bruchsal – Reilingen – Bruchsal: approx. 75 kilometers
Reilingen – Schwetzingen – Reilingen: approx. 40 kilometers
Bruchsal – Schwetzingen – Bruchsal: approx. 108 kilometers (total tour)

Degree of difficulty: mainly flat route, only a few, easy inclines
Route: predominantly tarred / asphalted, partly gravel cycle and farm roads, partly short distances on county roads or through town passages, forest stretches

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Download from this page GPS data in .gpx format for your smartphone or GPS tracker or .kml data to view the asparagus tour in Google Earth.

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The Kraichgau is an ancient cultural landscape: the climate to the south, the fields fertile. That is why people have settled here since the Stone Age. The “Land of 1000 Hills” shows everything it has to offer in terms of nature with orchards, sunken paths, dry stone walls and culture with castles and other insider tips on the EcoRegio tour. By the way, all stages can easily be traveled by light rail.

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The Kraichgau is an ancient cultural landscape: the climate to the south, the fields fertile. That is why people have settled here since the Stone Age. The “land of 1000 hills” shows a lot on the panorama tour, what nature it has to offer with orchards, vineyards and culture with castles and other insider tips. By the way, all stages can easily be traveled by city or regional train.

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The country could also be called “Schlösserland” – there are so many historical buildings along the way of the Schlösser-Tour. The baroque castle Bruchsal is one of the highlights (tip: German Museum of Music Automatons). In Gochsheim you can see the castle of the Ebersteiners, in Gondelsheim the castle with the nymph fountain and castle park, and that in Flehingen is reminiscent of the von Sickingen family.

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Dragon trail on the Michaelsberg
From Untergrombach train station, the hike leads along the Kappelberg and over the Römerichberg up to the Michaelsberg, whose chapel is visible from afar. The ascent past pome fruit avenues and orchards, with numerous animals and rare plants, is accompanied by beautiful views of Obergrombach and the picturesque landscape of the Kraichgau. Highlights are the grandiose view from Michaelsberg and the charmingly located chapel.


Short dragon trail on the Michaelsberg
The short variant of the Drachenrundweg (BR1) also starts from the train station in Untergrombach and leads through orchards and pome fruit avenues along the Kappelberg and Kaiserberg once around the Michaelsberg. Accompanied by numerous animals, rare plants and species of butterflies. In addition, there are picturesque views of Obergrombach and the surrounding landscape of the Kraichgau. The highlight is the wonderful view in front of the chapel on the Michaelsberg.


Eichelberg circular hiking trail
The hike begins at the P&R car park at the industrial education center S-Bahn stop and leads uphill through the forest to the nearer source between the Naturfreundehaus and the quarry. Along pome fruit avenues and orchards and past the Jewish cemetery, the tour circles the Eichelberg, steadily through the forest. Back at the Naturfreundehaus you can end the tour comfortably with delicious food and drinks.


Panoramic round slaughterhouse and Vallunga
The starting point is the S-Bahn stop at the Schlachthof. The hike leads in a wide arc through meadows and fields, along the Hardtgraben and past the Saubrunnen to the golf course, where you can stop off at the golf club’s restaurant. The round tour lives up to its name as a panorama round. Past the driving range, it goes straight through the lush green of the golf course and then west through the fields back to the starting point.


Hollow road hike Bruchsal-Unteröwisheim
This ravine hike reveals the longest ravine enjoyment. Through the “Auhohle”, the “Scheuhöllen” and the “Gemmericherhohle” one arrives at Unteröwisheim, where one can stop in one of the numerous restaurants and taverns. Over the Rohrbacher Hof and the “Kreuzhohle” it goes through the “Tiefentalhohle” hi na b into the Tiefental. Through the vineyards, orchards and past Unteröwisheim you get back to the Bruchsal city center.


Hollow road hike to the Rotenberg nature reserve and Steiner quarry
During the Ice Age, winds from the glacier area in the Rhine Valley deposited a layer of loess up to 15 m thick in the Kraichgau. On busy field and connecting roads, ravines cut deep into the ground. The ravine route leads through orchards and two ravines over the Rotenberg without major inclines. The “Auhohle” and the following “Pfaffenlochhohle” show themselves in their wildly romantic form and reveal one of the special features of the Kraichgau.


Heidelsheim “Forest and Field”
A family-friendly hike with a forest playground for the children to run around and frolic and a beautiful forest adventure trail on the home straight of the tour. From the starting point in Heidelsheim, the hike leads through the diverse landscape of the Kraichgau, with its idyllic fields, orchards, forests and grapevines. A great nature experience for the whole family. Finally, a visit to the local history museum in Heidelsheim is a good option.


Heidelsheim “Deciduous Oak”
The family-friendly hiking tour, most of which can also be taken with a stroller, leads exclusively through the forest and covered forest edge locations. Sometimes accompanied by a stream where you can watch trout, it is perfect for a trip on hot summer days. The tour can be shortened to a smaller round via the connecting path (V5). At the end of the tour, a refuge with a barbecue area and a playground invite you to enjoy a cozy end.


Helmsheimer Rundweg to the beautiful view
The contemplative hike starts in the Bruchsal district of Helmsheim. Past the house of the old wine press in the village, the hiking tour leads on the old ox path through the vines, fields and some forest sections in a large round over Dossental back to the starting point. A detour to the observatory can be made halfway through the route. In Helmsheim there are nice places to stop for a break to end the hiking tour.


Büchenauer Hardt
The forest and water-rich hike starts at the SV 62 Bruchsal sports area. Through the idyllic and shady forest of the Büchenauer Hardt and past alluvial forests, the hiking tour leads along the quarry pond “Alte Allmend” to the popular swimming lake “Metzgerallmend” in Untergrombach, which invites you to swim and linger on the spacious lawn on warm summer days. From there it goes back to the starting point at the sports field in Bruchsal.


Obergrombacher Burgweg
The “Obergrombacher Burgweg” leads mostly over agricultural paths and short stretches also on grass and forest paths at high altitude around the tranquil town of Obergrombach, which has a lot to offer in and around the town. The wonderful nature of the Kraichgau and numerous views up to the Palatinate Mountains and the Black Forest can be enjoyed with all your senses.